Past the bullshit

De La Soul – Trying People

[ intro: A friend’s voicemail to Dave ]
Dave, whattup man?
It’s me
Umm.. just callin to see, if
possible, if you have any
time today or within the next couple of days
If, if, you’re in the studio..
or if you’re at home.. or car,
That song.. that.. it’s called
trying or something, Mase
was tellin me that I needed to hear?
He said it was amazing
Whoo.. the way he was talkin..
man I wanna hear it!

[ Dave ]
Am I just another lost in the pack?
We for shack ship, you know laugh it off
Years just blow by
My eyes stay fixed but the
picture’s kinda outta focus
I cry a lot but admit to it
Enjoyin life now but I’ve been through it
Sometimes I wish that I can go back
No bills no kids just getting tore back
I want a wife, I love women
How could I front like I
don’t be in love wit em?
A li’l man that I can teach
A li’l sand but not the beach
I figure excess’ll only bring an
excessive amount of fussin
So when I’m gone, make sure
the head stone reads, “He did
it for us”
I’m like your modern day Jesus
I cherish warm thoughts like a gray goose
And float soft kisses to my baby
(yo ain’t that Dave’s little girl?)
Yeah, respect her for that
She gon be somebody
Instead of somebody-baby-mama
You see young minds are now made of armor
I’m tryin to pop a hole in your Yankee cap
Absorb me
The skies over your head aint safe no more
And Hip Hop aint your own
And if it is then you fuckin up the crib son
You make life look like I don’t wanna live one
You might as well hold your
breath until you die in a
corner somewhere bent over in the crevice
This God Theory overcomes the worst of weathers
As long as you willin to try, you
on a good start homie
.. you on a good start.. see nigga tryin

[ Chorus: Dave & Children ]

[ Dave ] People are you ready?
[ Children ] Yes we’re ready!

Are you really ready?
We wanna be ready!

Ready for the change that may approach you?

Follow down the path that you supposed to?

People are you ready?
Yes we’re ready!

Are you really ready to try?
We wanna try harder!

You know mistakes are trials that we learn from?

I order to live life, you must earn one?

People are you ready?

[ Pos ]
Throughout my change to grow, Some of
my people got left behind
They didn’t listen for the gun, as I
leaped from off the line
Thirteen years deep in this marathon I’m runnin
Paid dues and still got bills to pay
When I came back around the way
Old friends gave me dead eyes
and fake smiles, half wide
We were supposed to rid the world of danger
These days we nod heads and small
talk like polite strangers
It’s natural to fall off, just
land close to the tree
I’ll be there if they need me to be
and I know all my local shorties
cuz they all know who I am
and latey wanna flip grammar instead of grams
Like that’s the only choice they got
They tell me how they gonna shake up the game
but came to me to see if I could
give em guidance for change
Shit y’all, I need guidance myself
and I chisel right words to make gems
Got fans around the world, but
my girl’s no one of em
And my relationship’s a big question
Cuz my career’s a clear
hindrance to her progression
Said she needs a man and our kids need a father
I’m not at all ready to hear
her say don’t bother
And break
And this I know I can’t take
but uhh
C. Smith said to hold on
My brother Luck said to hold on
My nigga Dave said to hold on
My nigga Mase said to hold on
Yo, Maseo, we need to hold on
Eh, yo, y’all we need to hold on

[ Chorus: Pos & Children ]

[ Pos ] People are you ready?
[ Children ] Yes we’re ready!

Well, what you wanna be?
We wanna be ready!

Do you wanna lose hate for love?

Do you wanna see these gates above?

I said people are you ready?
Yes we’re ready!

But are you willing to try?
We wanna try harder!

Do you really wanna carry some weight?

Are you ready to design your fate?

Yo, people are you ready?
Yes we’re ready!

Well what you wanna be?
We wanna be ready!..

[ outro: AOI computer honey ]
Operation complete. Preparing
for.. Installment three

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