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A$AP Rocky - "Wassup" (Official Video)

A$aP Rocky – Wassup
Clams Casino – I’m God (Instrumental)
Clams Casino is the memorable pseudonym of New Jersey resident Mike Volpe, who in the last few months has shot from relative obscurity to production sensation thanks to a handful of blistering tracks. Edging into the limelight after passing tunes to Soulja Boy and Bay Area superstar Lil B, his originality has resonated with more than just rap fans. You see, Clams hasn’t confined his songwriting to rap music alone, and listening to his productions you can hear a keen sense of harmony, a pop sensibility and a willingness to let sounds dissolve into an uncharacteristic dream-like haze.
Rakim Mayers (born October 3, 1987 in Harlem, New York NY, United States), better known by his stage name ASAP Rocky (often stylized A$AP Rocky), is an American rapper and director. ASAP Rocky gained recognition among the hip hop community in 2011 after the release of his 2010 mixtape Deep Purple. In 2011 he followed up with the release of LiveLoveA$AP

Clams Casino, ASAP (Wassup)
See me in the hood the gangsters saying wassup (Wassup)

[Verse 1]
Back once again, sipping Henn, mixed with juice and gin
Bitches in, couple lady friends countin Benjamins
Spinners spin, on the 20-twins that Mercedes-Benz
Dividends made a change of plans well that all depends
Shout-out my parolees and I smoke that OG
Kush mother fuck the police, all my niggas rock gold teeth
So hood and we so street, sippin on that codeine
We hustle hard no sleep, your bitch loose that’s no leash
I ain’t talking ’bout no money, I ain’t talking ’bout no cars
Talking ’bout no diamonds cause that shit is a facade
Times is really hard, I fucked a couple broads
Smoked some purple out the jars, let me tell you who we are

I be that pretty mothafucka, Harlem’s what I’m repping
Tell ’em quit the bitching, we gon’ make it in a second
Pretty motherfucker, Harlem’s what I’m repping
Tell ‘em quit the bitchin we gon’ make it in a second
See me in the hood the gangsters saying wassup (Wassup)

[Verse 2]
Pretty nigga in some shit you never hear of
Only thing bigger than my ego is my mirror
Yeah, clothes getting weirder
Money get longer, pretty nigga pin your hair up
The nerve of this dude but im cool as a fan
40 ounce full of brew


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