The Other Tribe - Skirts (BB Teaser)

The Other Tribe – Skirts
There’s something dangerous threatening to come out from Bristol. It starts with darkness; smoke fills the room, and drums start a hypnotic pulse. By the time you’ve heard those drums, it’s way too late. Six silhouettes emerge from the dim and from then on you’re in for the most exhilarating, chaotic session of your life. Thrashing percussion, filthy dub step, throbbing sub-bass, screaming guitars and mechanistic techno are comfortably united within the chant-laden songs of this genre defying and defining band.

How to: Karaoke

  1. Podul grant (Red hot chili peppers – Under the bridge)
  2. Ziua de ieri (Scorpions – Always somewhere)
  3. Caine rau (Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit)
  4. Guvernam (Cranberries – Zombie)
  5. Grivei (Scorpions – Holiday)
  6. Nu mai plange (Guns’n’roses – Don’t you cry)
  7. Vin minerii (Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry – 7 Seconds)
  8. Vantul schimbarii (Scorpions – Wind of change)
  9. Informatorul (Guns’n’roses – Knocking on heaven’s door)



How to: Drum and bass

  1. High Contrast – Music Is Everything

  2. MC Conrad – Futures Call (Makoto Remix)

  3. High Contrast – Make It Tonight

  4. Carlito & DJ Addiction – Supergrass

  5. Uncut – Midnight

  6. Kosheen – Hide U (Decoder & Substance mix)

  7. Influx Datum – Music

  8. Kosheen – (Slip & Slide) Suicide

  9. DJ Krust – Snapped It (Snapshot mix)

  10. Decoder & Substance – Icon

  11. Decoder – Auto

  12. Silent Witness – The Calling

  13. Shimon – Hush Hush

  14. Ant Miles & Red One – Bring it On

  15. J Majik – Tell Me (feat. Kathy Brown)

  16. Trinity – Picture on the Wall

  17. Ice Minus – Babylon

  18. Technical Itch – Mind Killa

Mixmag’s 2002 Kosheen presents: Drum’n’Bass Reborn (download playlist / mixcloud).

How to: Electro

  1. The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Beats
  2. Fluke – Atom Bomb
  3. Underworld – Pearl’s Girl
  4. The Future Sound of London – We Have Explosive
  5. Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
  6. Aphex Twin – Girl/Boy Song
  7. Orbital – The Box
  8. Tranquility Bass – We All Want To Be Free
  9. Goldie – Inner City Life
  10. Prodigy – Voodoo People (The Chemical Brothers Remix)
  11. Josh Wink – Are You There?
  12. The Crystal Method – Busy Child
  13. Atari Teenage Riot – Sick To Death

It all started in 1997 with MTV’s Amp (get playlist).


Kurtis Blow - If I Ruled The World

Kurtis Blow – If I Ruled The World
Curtis “Kurtis Blow” Walker, (born on August 9, 1959, in Harlem, New York) is one of the pioneer rappers in the recording industry, and hip hop’s first mainstream star. “The Breaks” (1980) is one of hip hop’s undisputed classics, with its catchy disco tune and rapping style. Blow was influenced by DJ Hollywood.

The tar keys

Dan Auerbach – When the night comes

Daniel Q. Auerbach (born May 14, 1979) is the guitarist and vocalist for The Black Keys, a blues/rock group from Akron, Ohio, and has some additional solo work. He is also a cousin of the late Robert Quine. Formerly of the 3 piece band The Barnburners from Akron from 2000 until 2002. Auerbach became infatuated with blues music during his childhood after being exposed to old records by his father.